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  • 30.09.2014 The number 1 in national press distribution

    MPK Luxembourg supplies press titles to around 350 sales outlets throughout the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

  • 30.09.2014 New impetus in the press business

    MPK Luxembourg is now part of 7Days Media Services AG, which is also taking over the press wholesale business in German and Italian-speaking Switzerland as well as the logistics brand "nilo Night Logistics".


We have 40 years of expertise in selling and managing subscriptions to ensure your success. Our customer base includes public bodies, banks, embassies, legal firms, investment companies and many more, who already enjoy the benefits of our subscription portfolio:

  • Very broad selection of national and international titles (newspapers and magazines)
  • Access to a number of periodicals that are not available in shops
  • Our Subscription Service offers efficient and multilingual information by phone
  • Customer-friendly subscription management
  • A high level of customer satisfaction thanks to professional complaint management
  • Smooth renewal of subscriptions through reminders before the expiry date; no automatic renewal of subscriptions
  • Reliable and convenient daily delivery to the agreed delivery point anywhere in the Grand Duchy

Phone: +352 27 17 67 308

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