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  • 30.09.2014 The number 1 in national press distribution

    MPK Luxembourg supplies press titles to around 350 sales outlets throughout the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

  • 30.09.2014 New impetus in the press business

    MPK Luxembourg is now part of 7Days Media Services AG, which is also taking over the press wholesale business in German and Italian-speaking Switzerland as well as the logistics brand "nilo Night Logistics".


MPK Luxembourg and its parent company 7Days Media Services boast a lean and efficient organizational structure. The close cooperation between logistics and press wholesalers guarantees sound processes and procedures. The unified service provider can offer new and existing customers targeted added value and additional services.

Thomas Kirschner

Thomas Kirschner
7Days Media Services AG

Nico Brauer

Christian Schock
MPK Luxembourg Gmbh Luxembourg Branch.


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